Taking Back Our Country

Yesterday six republican candidates converged on an evangelical church inTexas.  They were there to promote themselves as the future leaders of our country.  They were there to pray.  They were there to prove they were worthy of the Christian vote. They were there to declare their love of Jesus. And they were there to ‘take back our country’.  As I drove to work this morning I listened to preachers from this particular baptist church say that evangelicals were more numerous than the African American vote, the Latino vote, the feminist vote and the gay-rights votes combined.  Does that mean that they are against all of those groups? I don’t thing that really is a question…  They are.

I wondered to myself who exactly they wanted to take this country back from? From me? If they win in this next election will I then need to follow the teachings of the bible in my daily life? In teaching our diverse children in school will I need to promote their God? Or when I go to the doctor will I need to only have proceedures accepted as moral based on the bible? It concerns me that each of these candidates felt the need to declare their allegiance to Jesus first…. If they are true followers would they be pro capital punishment? An eye for an eye…wasn’t that Hammurabi’s code?  I thought Jesus preached ‘turn the other cheek’ …. Does that fit with the death penalty? I don’t think so… But that is another story.

I am concerned at the way much of the right wing media focuses on what might happen… Fear tactics are the norm… People I know are scared for our country and scared for our future with the democrats in power… It seems to me, in my naivety, that with the democrats in power every individual has the choice to live as they please but the republicans want everyone to conform to their views of morality based on their view of the bible as law.  I have a problem with this because, to me, that is oppression of our freedom and completely un-American…

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