Why I live in Roseburg….

Driving out Diamond Lake Blvd. this morning I smiled.  I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  I drive past fields, herds of cattle and flocks of sheep. Past the river and towards a purple and orange sunrise…. It really doesn’t get much better than this, unless of course, you are on a bike.

Today, like every day, I was driving out to meet some very important people.  Not my regular important people, the students of Room One… But today was different because it was the second day of parent-teacher conferences and I was meeting their parents.  These two days are amazing.  These two days are part of what I love about where I live.  During these two days I spend my time getting to know my students from the most important people in their lives…. When it is all over I care even more deeply about each one because now I know their story. But I also know their parents.  They tell me things about their lives, struggles as parents, job worries, health issues and more… We laugh, we cry, we worry and we become partners.  Every year I get to know these families and I become part of their lives.  I am part of this community… I am at their dinner table when their child relays my most recent statement as law, I am there at bed time when they remember the silly song we sang, I am there in the morning when they get ready for school, and I am there on the weekends when they wonder if they will see me at the market when they come to town… I am waiting for the day that I have the child of a former student.  It could have happened already but it hasn’t. I can’t wait because I love these people.  They are kind and caring, they love their children, they think our school is the best school around, and they trust me with the hearts and minds of their sweet children.

Our town is full of amazing people and  I am part of it.  I hope that by sharing more of who I am will open minds and hearts to accepting diversity.  I am slowly sharing who I am with more and more people … Maybe it will make a town I love that much better…

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