Like and Share if you are a Proud Christian

Have you seen these posts come through your FB feed?  I used to see several of them every time I looked at my feed… I don’t see them much anymore probably because I chose to block those types of posts.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like most of the people who post them… it is not that.  Many of these posts say something like ‘Some of you won’t be brave enough to post this’ or ‘I dare you to like and share this on your timeline’.  I know that these posts are not meant to offend me but something about them just rubs me the wrong way.  Like someone is checking to see which of their friends ‘like’ and ‘share’ this post,  maybe it is a true measure of your faith, or challenging someone to put themselves out there is a testament to your conviction.

My husband sent me an article from the News Review yesterday by a local Moms’ Group.  It was about how great it made her feel to see ‘I am a Christian’ on people’s cars when she was driving around town.  I guess there is still the misconception that the UCC shooter targeted Christians.  This is not true but somehow the eye witness stories have been misunderstood or misrepresented in the media.  So I guess that ‘I am a Christian’ is another way of saying ‘I stand with the UCC victims’…  but something about it makes me think of those posts on Facebook.  I think that the mom who feels good seeing this sign of faith feels like she is less alone.  Maybe it makes her happy to know so many others believe as she does. But it certainly reminds me of how alone I am.  This is a Christian town, county, state and country.  Even though it is that, it is also filled with people who hold other beliefs.  Should I then post my own symbol of my belief or disbelief on my car?  Perhaps we should all wear arm bands declaring who we are religiously (that is reminiscent of something isn’t it?).  I cherish the friendships I have with both Christians and non-Christians… Years ago I met a lovely family.  I really appreciated who they were as people and felt the feeling was mutual.  Over the years we invited them to many events at our home and tried to get together with them.  They almost always declined and never invited us to anything.  We were not in their church.  It has happened with several families – to us and to our children. It took us a while to realize what it was all about.   We were not Christians.  We didn’t have signs on our cars.  We didn’t ‘like’ and ‘share’.  It is almost as if those signs in cars are calling non-believers out… I know they are probably not, I hope they are just proud of being  Christians.

I am just as much a part of this community as anyone.  I have just as much to offer and have devoted my time and energy into making a difference.  Being a Christian seems to be equated with being a good person.  I am not a Christian… Like and Share if you aren’t, too…  😉

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