Democrats Debate with Class

I just finished watching the democratic debate and it was full of substance! And although the candidates tried to distinguish themselves from their oponants, there was civil discourse and respectful banter.  I was proud of the way they spoke about ideas, policies, votes and each other.  There are many who believe that another term with a democrat in the White House will send our country into a tailspin…. I can’t imagine that they would think that after watching these intelligent people respectfully discuss their plans for making our country a better place.  I am not saying that it didn’t get heated and there were no cutting remarks but all in all it was a positive event.  Do people who have this fear have it because they are well informed or because they are listening to others who tell them that they should be scared?

No matter where you stand, if you take the time to watch the debates you will be better informed when it comes time to vote. I watched both republican debates because I want to know both sides of an argument.  If you don’t understand where the opposition is coming from you can’t have an intelligent discussion about why you are choosing Who you are voting for.   Don’t take my word for it… Find out for yourself!

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