Your Two Cents…. Gun Violence, Mental Health and More

I think we all can agree that something has to change in our society.  I am interested in any and all solutions to reducing if not eliminating gun violence and accidental shootings in our country .  Please be respectful, thoughtful and maybe creatively think outside the box in your comments.  I will put them up as quickly as I can… if your comment does not show up right away please know that I have a busy day ahead of me and I will do my best!  Peace!  ~Allison

3 thoughts on “Your Two Cents…. Gun Violence, Mental Health and More

  1. I think an improvement in background checks should be to not release a gun until the background check is complete, even if it takes more than the 72 hours alloted. The shooter in Roseburg was given his gun at 72 hours, before the background check was completed. When it did come back, there may have been info revealed that would have precluded his purchase of the gun. He had a life long history of behavioral management and emotional problems and an attempted suicide in his one month stint in the armed forces. He needed help, not guns.


    1. Ban all assault (automatic and semi automatic weapons. The name says it all. These are not defensive weapons.
      Ban all ammo clips holding more than 6 rounds.
      Make parents criminally liable for lack of control over their fire arms.
      Register all fire arms and ownership transfers as you would an automobile by either private or commercial means
      Require that all stolen guns be reported.
      Launch a nationwide buyback program on all firearms.


  2. Yes, yes. yes, I totally agree. It seems so logical, but will be difficult to implement. We have to be tireless in following up and electing representatives who are not indebted to the NRA.


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