When the Dust Settles

Today at noon I spoke on Oregon Public Radio.  I was nervous, not only because this was a first for me, but also because someone who didn’t like my opinion might wish me or my family harm.  I did it anyway.  I took a few precautions just in case, but I decided to put a voice to my blog.  So far My blog has been viewed over 55,000 times.  Far more than I had ever expected.  By going on the radio I actually thought my blog would have even more activity.  After all, you could now access it from the OPB website.  I was wrong…. It is just slowly creeping along…. It really isn’t important to me but it is interesting.

It is interesting because The visit from President Obama has come and gone, it has been over a week since the shooting at UCC, and this morning I woke up to news of a shooting on another college campus.  The world has moved on to the most recent tragedy and we are left to pick up the pieces and wait for the dust to settle.  This event and our town being thrust onto the international stage has brought to light what I knew was here all along.  We saw it in the anger at the President over his remarks the evening of the shooting and then again in the protest signs today, as the President offered condolences to the families of those who died last Thursday. The protesters today took the focus away from the families of those lost and made it about the President and gun control.  How does holding up a sign against gun control help any of the families who chose to meet with the president? Do you think those families feel supported by you?

Yes, I want to have a talk about guns and gun violence. I want to be able to have these discussions respectfully, thoughtfully, intelligently and I am sorry if it is too soon, but I want to have them now.  How long do we need to wait for he dust to settle? It was already too long for our own UCC family and now for the students of Northern Arizona University…. It has been three years since Sandy Hook…. Is it time yet? But I am not standing out on the street with a sign. I am talking to my friends, teaching my students tolerance and compassion, writing blogs, getting interviewed on the radio, and thanking our Mayor (who I disagree with on many issues) for welcoming President Obama to Roseburg.

4 thoughts on “When the Dust Settles

    This is NOT in response to the HEART BREAKING shootings plaguing the “GUN FREE ZONES” in America..

    One of the many reasons people do not trust the POTUS is because he has shamed the USA to the rest of the world.
    He has worked very hard to bring the USA down to the lowest possible denominator.
    Examples –

    2) Hard working “tax payers” are vilified for not rolling over to allow the POTUS to take more from us, give to the needy and wanting in our society. The POTUS has made it easier than LBJ’s wasteful venture into the “Great Society / War on Poverty” for the people that only want to take and not earn to receive from the producers.

    3) The POTUS has made a pilgrimage around the globe to apologize for our behavior and actions in order to level the playing field for “fair trade” and other actions from the nations we stole so much from, (in his opinion) so they can take advantage of our current lowered standings.

    4) The POTUS has gone out of his way to insert his 2 cents on issues that involve race issues that turn out to be either erroneous or fabricated by the side he chooses to support, as in the numerous police incidents involving predominately but not solely black males committing crimes.
    Some incidents obviously required adjudication, however, the POTUS has made it clear to the masses that they can disobey authority, run away from criminal actions and blame law enforcement for their behavior.

    5) The POTUS has brought this “GREATEST OF NATIONS” down to the point where people of the USA and other countries do not trust the POTUS.
    This is the POTUS fault and the POTUS doing.
    These are but a few small examples of what the POTUS has accomplished in nearly 7 years of reign.
    It bears note that I did not slam obama for what he has done to this “GREAT NATION”. I don’t give a hoot that he’s black, I don’t give a hoot that he’s a socialist. I do take GREAT UMBRAGE to what he’s done to the USA, not for the USA.
    Bottom line – The POTUS has created the atmosphere where he can not be trusted “BY ME”.


  2. I think it’s way past time to tackle this issue. I don’t accept the idea that there’s nothing we can do or that more guns will make us safer. I think the President laid it out in pretty clear terms. Until this becomes a single issue litmus test for candidates, over several cycles, the laws will not change and those elected officials charged with enforcing them will not be gear with even the existing laws.
    Perhaps a political action group for Douglas County may help to educate people on the issues and amplify the voices of those many individuals who don’t feel comfortable standing up alone.
    Thoughts on a Sunday night…


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