Plans to Protest Obama’s Visit…

This will be short and sweet because I have another blog intended for this evening…. I just saw on my Facebook feed that someone from an Oregon coastal town has organized a protest against Obama for tomorrow in Roseburg.  It is interesting to note that they have asked people to keep their guns holstered and have tried to limit death threats on their site.  Those two facts scare me to death.  The organizer says that over 7,000 people have said they will come to  Roseburg! I wonder how this is intended to help the families who are suffering and grieving.  How about each of those participants instead of coming to Roseburg, give $5 to the fund helping victims of this tragedy and vote in the next election. Maybe they could volunteer to campaign for their favorite candidate or get petitions signed for measures they want to see on the ballot.  They could even just volunteer to pick up trash on our county roads. How is this really helping Roseburg in any way?   This just makes me sad….

3 thoughts on “Plans to Protest Obama’s Visit…

    1. I appreciate your support Jim. I would prefer that I don’t have posts condemning our sherif on my blog. Whether I agree with his politics or not I think that he does not need to be raked over the coals at this time. He is suffering just like everyone else.


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