Guns and Play Dough

This is the third day back to class for me and my first grade students.  I have spent so much time trying to understand the opinions of others. I’ve read statistics, looked up facts, listened to the news, watched comedians, talked to friends and now read lots of comments on my blog.  It is not that I don’t understand the arguments against gun regulation. I do, really.  It is not that I don’t understand why some citizens of Roseburg don’t want the president to visit.  I do, really.  I understand these things because I am a teacher and I spend my days trying to understand why six year olds grab all the stacking cubes when they are put in the middle of the table for everyone to share, or they triple flush the toilets and make a huge mess, why they poke the kid sitting next to them, or slap someone in the face for getting too close even if they are friends, or when it is time to come in from recess they want to keep playing so they run in the opposite direction.  I spend my days moderating and mediating, comforting and loving, teaching and inspiring ( I hope ).  I spend my days trying to understand these irrational, beginning thinkers, self-centered but well intentioned people.

Yes, owning a gun is your right.  You can own as many as you want.  I am not trying to take your hunting guns away although I don’t agree philosophically with shooting animals.  I am not trying to take away your hand guns although I don’t want to shoot one.  I also don’t believe that our current president is trying to take them away either.  It is interesting to me that people who are against gun control automatically go there.  I am against assault rifles, automatic guns and anyone who feels the need to stockpile ( not collect ) guns.  We hear the argument that gun control doesn’t work and that Australia is not a good comparison.  It is.  Investigate and look at information put out by the Australian government.

Our answer to this crisis, not just mass shootings but all of gun violence, is more guns.  So just for fun look up the number of accidental gun related injuries and accidental gun related deaths there are every year.  They are deaths that would not be caused if it were not for guns.  There are not many accidental bomb or knife related deaths. But accidental gun related deaths just for children runs about 100 a year.  I have yet to hear the number of children’s lives are that are saved because there are guns in a home.  Now I know this has nothing to do with assault rifles but it is a fact.  If 100 children a year died from playing with play dough I am pretty sure we would be banning play dough and stringing  up those people who manufactured it.  We wouldn’t just be teaching children how to use play dough more safely.  So it is time to think again, think deeper, our second amendment rights talked about the militia and allowing citizens to have guns so they could defend this country if needed.  It did not say, or think to say, that we needed automatic weapons or assault rifles. It did not anticipate the times we live in today.

5 thoughts on “Guns and Play Dough

  1. There’s a majority of American’s that support the strict control and tracking of gun sales when the specifics of the various proposals are polled. When you generalize the polling to the vague question “should there be gun control” it doesn’t get nearly as much traction. I think working towards getting rid of the military grade assault weapons and tracking of all gun sales would fly with the general public.
    Arguing with the paranoid gun fetish folks seems like wasted energy.


    1. Are you from Roseburg? It seems that for many who are anti gun control any limitations are taken as just the first steps towards taking all of our guns… I may be speaking out of turn but many people have shared this view with me….


  2. You said this so well. Not trying to take YOUR GUNS people. But a one shot shot gun hanging over the door to protect your family from an attacking animal or human is completely different then allowing stockpiles of semiautomatic weapons in an urban setting. And yes play dough would quickly be recalled. It just seems our priorities are out of whack.


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