Things Happen For a Reason

After something terrible happens, even something as terrible as the UCC shooting, some people try to make sense of the tragedy.  They say that God has a plan or that everything happens for a reason.  I am so tired of hearing this! Because these are some of the same people who call the shooter evil or say that he was being led by the devil.  If this was God’s plan then He had to play a roll in at least allowing it to happen if not orchestrating the event.  I am not buying it.  Thinking that things happen for a reason is no comfort to a mother who has lost her child or a young woman who may spend her life recovering from multiple gunshots or a witness who will spend sleepless nights hearing and seeing the horrors of that day.

The ‘reason’ this happened is that the shooter was mentally disturbed and was able to get his hands on guns.  That is it.  No Divine plan… It just happened.  People are resilient.  We will go on and try to make the best of each of our situations.  Some will have new doors open or be thrust into the public eye.  We will look for the light in the darkness and find opportunities when we can.  This is true in any situation.  It does not mean there was a big plan, it just means that we are making the best out of a terrible situation.  It just means that life goes on.

If there is a God do you really think that he delves in the minutia of our daily existence? Does he care who won the soccer match, ran the fastest or if you passed your driver’s test?  It is awfully self-centered to think that He will save you and yours while other families will suffer the ultimate loss.  Sadly, it was their unlucky day…. But don’t tell me that it happened for a reason and that it is all part of a big plan.  When you go through life looking for the joy and good in people you make your own luck… But sometimes shit just happens…

10 thoughts on “Things Happen For a Reason

  1. WOW! And you are teaching peoples children? Is that what you teach them too that sometimes “shit just happens”? I am sure your atheiast views are very comforting to the parents of the Christian ucc students or Christian students any where. Sometimes the only way people get through those dark times is by believing there was a reason, a reason that has an outcome that makes them a stronger more caring person. A reason that points them in a different path. And from what I hear many of those lost did look for the joy and good in people and making their own luck is definitely not going to make their loved ones happy to hear that is why. Obviously you are young and inexperienced in life and have not truly experienced a loss of anything you care for or have given up everthing for or you would not be commenting on this tragedy as shit just happens I hope that someday you will learn what it is to lose something and I hope when someone leaves the front door open for fresh air again and something happens to one of those children you have promised to protect you don’t hear shit just happens. What would you have to say about that? You shouldn’t be sad or angry you should look for the joy.


    1. I have been a teacher for over 25 years sweet lady. I have experienced my fair share of loss and I never said that I was an atheist. I believe that people deserve my respect because they are people. Demanding that someone must earn my respect is a way of saying I am waiting for you to show me what I want to see and then I will treat you with respect. I only allowed your hateful comment on my blog so that I could respond. It is my blog, you chose to read it… Next time, for your own happiness and peace, just don’t…. It will make us all happier!

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  2. Allison- I couldn’t agree with you more.. With both your blog and your reply..

    It definitely is a “choice” to read your blog.. And a further choice to leave a hateful/hurtful reply including she hopes that you experience a loss.. Who says that or feels that way? To me– it’s a complete contradiction of the “Christian way”.. I’m sure it won’t be her/their last post as people like that tend to be great at living double-lives and spewing hate without regret or a conscious.. Best to just consider the source and ignore those types of non-productive remarks..

    Anyways.. I woke up this morning with the same thought.. Tired of hearing that it was God’s plan.. Or that heaven needed 9 extra angels.. WTHeck? Struggling to make sense of why a mentality ill person would make such a horrific decision.. And that’s it.. The bottom line.. A mentally ill person made a horrific decision.. No Devine intervention.. No longer trying to figure out the why? Moving forward to what can WE do to help..

    Thank you for having the strength and wisdom to post your feelings..


  3. Good work Allison, People with strongly held beliefs do not hear or see as clearly as they might as evidenced by your critic above. Beliefs don’t hold together without a fight when they meet reality.
    Taking refuge in reality is not an easy way out and not everyone is willing/able to walk that walk, but the better I get at it the more joy and freedom I experience. I think true faith isn’t so much a belief but an eager willingness to move forward without having to know. Your fond reader took offense at “Shit Happens”. In Vietnam, when confronted by something so outside our frame of reference all we could say was, “There it is”, and move on. Later of course there was work to be done, to come to grips with the experience, and that too has been found to work best from a reality based approach. I applaud your efforts to come to grips with what happened and help us all process this stunning blow.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Well written Allison. It is interesting to me that many of the god fearing flavors of religion credit “evil” or the “Devil” with power greater than the omnipotent god. The definition of sin is to “miss the mark”. THis can be taken as we are acting with divine spirit…or we are not. The condition of “not” doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong—just not as good as it could be.
    We work with 3 to 6 year olds here in western Oregon and have the same challenge of dealing with our absolutist population. Keep up the good work–like you, FB is not a good outlet for my perspective. ~Kabar


  5. I’d add one other piece that made sense to me recently: Hanging the label “mentally ill” on all folks who commit these atrocities is doing the mentally ill a disservice. Many of these shooting folks have warped ideas and beliefs, and yes, we are severely undeserving our truly mentally ill population (I think in Oregon we serve about 30% of the identified and treatable mentally ill) but aspergers (for instance) is not a mental illness.
    IMHO, besides spreading reasonable gun control, by continuing to focus on treating the mentally ill to address this sad condition of our nation, although it could be good for the mentally ill, it will miss the objective and attributes violent gun behavior with people who rarely demonstrate it.
    ~Hugs from here for your good work.


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