I Know Who You Are

I know you.  I’ve known you for years, maybe even decades and you are a good person. I know because I’ve seen you with friends and strangers, as a parent or teacher, or as a volunteer and a caregiver.  I know that you are kind, considerate, intelligent, compassionate and care about the environment and the world.  I know that you would never harm someone on purpose and you believe in something greater than yourself.  If asked, you would do anything for a friend.  And yet..

And yet you voted for Trump. And even if you don’t agree with all of his antics, you decided that he should lead our country.  You may have decided to turn off the news because you believe it isn’t true. You may have ‘unfollowed’ me because I am posting things that offend you and question your moral and intellectual judgement.  You may have decided that politics just isn’t for you, that the news is toxic to your health and friendships, or that what you hear can’t possibly be true.  You are sitting by watching our country suffer because of your choice, but to admit that it is being caused by Trump and that you made a mistake is too much.  Or you are closing your eyes.  You made the choice to support him because of economic reasons, because you believed the lies told about Clinton and because you refused to see the truth about Trump even when he told you who he was with his own mouth.

You are loving and have a good heart, so yes, I can’t understand.

We can’t talk politics any more because the man leading our country is vile and those who still support him are in too deep and questioning their decision is suggesting that they too share his ideas.  When you have a kind heart, the thought that you helped to make a horrible man our leader rocks your world.

You are not part of the people screaming at immigrants to go home, or taking children away from their mothers, or cutting benefits from those who are in need, or shooting endangered animals, or beating up 91 year old men from Mexico, or trying to outlaw gay marriage, or, or, or…

You have a kind heart… but your man is flaming the fire of hate in our country, your man is wreaking havoc on our reputation in the world, your man is doing more to ruin our country and what we hold dear than any other president EVER.  In his name, with the climate HE created, more atrocities have been done in our country and by our country.

And yet, you share his lies on FB, you argue against those who criticize his methods and words, you refuse to question his policies, you ignore what you don’t want to see, and you turn away from the truth of what he is doing.

And yet, I thought I knew who you were…


Children Ripped From their Mothers

I pulled up to a stoplight in my conservative town and was hit with the image of a fully developed infant drenched in blood held by a woman with gray hair.  She had brought her 6 or 7 year old grandson to stand with her as she held up this large poster.  Across the street another woman held a sign saying that you could be forgiven for your abortion if you take Jesus into your heart.  Farther along the road two middle school boys held images of fetuses outside of the womb.  Who knows how they were obtained or even if they were real.  Obviously these people were protesting abortion… the sign said ‘Do you care?’…

They are protesting fetuses, who cannot fend for themselves, being torn from their mothers.

Our government is tearing CHILDREN, who cannot fend for themselves, from their mothers!!!!! They have just decided that they will try to quickly reunite children under five within a week.  A WEEK!  What about the five, six and seven year-olds? What about the ten year-olds?

Take a moment and think about your own child at five, six, or even ten… take the time to think about their fears, how they made their way through every day, through lunch at school, or their walk home… My own son, at six, would sit against the wall, hide in his coat and cry if I wasn’t standing outside his classroom door when school got out… and that time I was 15 minutes late???? He was beyond upset!

Yes, we all have our priorities… but our government, Trump’s government, at his order,  is KEEPING CHILDREN FROM THEIR MOTHERS! WE are doing this, we are not making it right, we are saying that the 5 year-olds will have to wait!  There are children sitting in our country whose families came seeking shelter, help, and asylum. What have we done?  We are making a mockery of human rights with paperwork and red tape.

These people that protest abortion, who sit on the Supreme Court ready to overturn the right to choose, who vote based on their politicians’ position on this issue, need to think about human rights.  We don’t want them ripped out before they are born, but it is okay to rip them away after?  This makes no sense and it makes me sick.

THIS should never be who we are!  THIS is a shonda, a shame, and something we will regret as we look back on the most horrible things we have done as a country in modern times.  I don’t want to hear that sorting this out takes time…. that is ridiculous… this was a choice to separate children from their parents every precaution should have been made to identify who goes with whom… if they can do it at a childcare center at Target they should be able to do it at the border… there is no excuse!


The Red Hen

I have heard conservatives and even some liberals condemn the actions of the owner of the Red Hen for asking Sarah Sanders to leave their restaurant.  They have criticized her for taking a stand saying that it is no different than the Christian cake maker refusing to bake for a gay marriage.  He was against the love between two people.  He thought that somehow their love did not deserve to be celebrated and that his god kept him from making them a cake.  They were not hurting anyone, they were living their lives.  Their choices in marriage had no impact on anyone but themselves.  This is very different.

Why is this different?  Many conservatives will say that I think it is different because I agree with the politics of the Red Hen’s owner.  Yes, I do.  But that is not what makes this different.  What makes this different goes much deeper and is based on history.

No one likes this comparison, it riles people up, it is harsh, it cuts to the core of who we are as Americans and what we believe about ourselves.  Many have said it about this leader and his administration, many have made this comparison… this is like the beginnings of Nazi, Germany.  And Nazis were not just one man, they were a group of people who were following orders, doing their jobs, keeping their heads’ down, and afraid to speak up.

Sarah Sanders represents the man and the beliefs of this administration.  She defends his actions on a daily basis, perpetuating his lies and insults the press.  Yes, she is just doing her job… but that is her choice.  She chose to align herself with a man who brags about grabbing women, mocks the disabled, , calls for his political rivals to be put in jail (lock her up), questions the citizenship of our elected leaders, and thinks that taking children away from their parents is a great way to pressure his opponents (until he realizes that it is making him look bad).

He has traumatized and forever changed the lives of children and families who were fleeing their countries to seek asylum, shelter, and refuge in what they thought was a safer country.  They were not sneaking in, they were presenting themselves to be considered for assistance in their quest to protect the children who were then ripped away from them.

The workers who aided in this order are no different than the Nazis who were just following orders… it starts small, what you are asked to do…. in ways you can almost tolerate, until it is too late.

If we sit back, only holding the very top accountable for the actions of thousands of his followers we are walking down a dangerous road.  Sarah made a choice of her own free will. We do not have to sit back and quietly let her do her job.  She should be held accountable.

The sad thing is that so many Americans are afraid to do what the owner of The Red Hen did… we want to tolerate those different opinions… but this administration is dangerous, this path is taking us so far away from what America was becoming, this path is intolerable.


Not A Hero

What an outrageous attempt to spin Trump’s policy and change of ‘heart’.  Where was Trump’s heart yesterday, last week, last month?  He is a liar, and a crazy dictator.  He made this change (which will not reunite children already separated) because it made him look bad… the pictures on t.v. were upsetting to his wife and daughter.  The media, also known as fake news, is the reason the country was up in arms because of Trump’s policy.  Thank you media for being the champions of these people.

You do not get to be a hero when you are the cause of the problem.  There are still 2,300 children who are separated from their parents.  Where are they and when will they be with their parents again?  You do not get to be a hero when you defended your policy to do just what was done.  You do not get to be a hero when 3 year-old children are crying for their mothers and fathers.

This president created this crisis along with his henchmen, Jeff Sessions and Steven Miller.  They are not honorable men!  We, as a country, should be ashamed of them.  You do not have to be liberal to agree with this.

He lied about his ability to fix the problem he created.  His Oval Office media op signing an unnecessary executive order, trying to show that he is a good guy was ridiculous.  He remains as he always was… an idiot without a heart… a buffoon with far too much power… and obviously, someone who does not, can not, think things through.


Calling this situation heartless and cruel is understating what is happening to parents and children at our southern boarder.  Tearing children away from their parents is torture.  We, decided this already… we do not do torture.  Well, we didn’t, until now.  A phone call, a signature, a heart… that is all it would take to begin to right this terrible wrong.

We are no longer the country with a human rights banner to wave, our banner, once waving as a beacon to the world of justice has torn that banner down and stomped it into the ground.

Trumps pathetic claims that this is the democrats’ doing just shows that HE is the one USING the suffering of children to twist the arm of his opposition and try to force them to bend to his will.  This is not governing,  negotiating, or compromising… this is blackmail and it is a lie.

Those people following the orders of their superiors to take crying children away from their mothers need to remember that not to long ago another leader asked their soldiers to follow orders that were inhumane…  and those first acts were small, they were palatable, until they were not… until it was the Holocaust.

Children are not bargaining chips, they are not numbers, they are not statistics… they are not meant to be processed.  To all the workers who are participating in this atrocity, you are also at fault.

On the school yard, children are taught that when you see someone being bullied you are supposed to stand with the bully’s victim and help them walk away… you are not supposed to join in

Pulling children away from their parents is torture.  Perhaps Trump and Sessions have forgotten the bond that exists between parents and their children… or maybe they just don’t care.  Either way those around them need to remind them.  I am disgusted by this new low in American history…

I guess torture is back on the docket.

IF We Give Up Our Guns…

You may have heard it before, ‘If we give up our guns, then only the criminals will have guns’…

Drug dealers, con-men, gang members, carjackers, pick-pockets, and more… they are not walking into churches, schools and movie theaters and killing people.  The people doing these mass shootings are just regular, but extremely troubled, young men.  They have access to guns and information, via technology, to destroy lives and communities.  They are not the ‘criminals’ we think we need to worry about.  Getting rid of guns may mean that only criminals will have guns ~ that will make it easy to recognize who needs to be arrested… if you have a gun, you are a criminal and your gun will be confiscated.

Let’s stop saying how guns are a right, that we deserve to be hunters and people who use guns as a sport.  Let’s stop having children who grow up around guns, have a healthy respect for guns, and would never do this kind of thing.  Let’s stop being a country of selfish, fearful, conspiracy theorists who need protection from our government and neighbors and start being a country who values the lives of innocent children over our right to go out and kill a deer.

Parents who have their guns used in an act of violence or in an accident should be held accountable for the crimes their children commit.  Let’s start saying that THAT is the price of freedom… But, my first choice is to ban guns, all guns.

I have never liked guns, but, yes, now I am an anti-gun nut… I am fine with that

The only hope that someone will not use a gun to commit mass murders is IF they can’t get their hands on a gun.

Sick to My Stomach

I have been so busy in my own life that speaking out hasn’t been a priority.  The school year is coming to a close and I am sitting down to work on some end of the year projects on my day off…  and then ‘Breaking News’… Texas… multiple fatalities… students talking on t.v… not again

Florida has made the change because of their tragedy and yet the NRA stands behind gun ownership, behind the necessity of producing military style assault riffles, behind our beloved 2nd Amendment… I have written before and will write again, it doesn’t take a bump stock (or an AR-15) to destroy lives. Students of Parkland have been called all kinds of names in the wake of trying to make a change…

When will we change the way we look at the 2nd Amendment and the gun culture.  Today the discussion about guns was not soon enough, today for Santa Fe, it was too late.

The price we pay for our right to own guns?  It grows by the day… in the lives of innocent people, in the lives of children…

Sick to my stomach, I can’t even imagine the heartache of the people of Santa Fe.

My heart breaks for them all